California Title 24 JA8

Title 24 (JA8), also known as the California Building Standards Code, states the energy efficiency requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings. JA8 requires luminaires meet minimum standards of Luminous Efficacy, Power Factor, Start Time, Color Characteristics, Maintenance and Dimming.

Performance requirements for JA8 include:
Luminous flux of the light source equal or greater than 45 lumens per watt • CRI greater than 90 • CCT under 4000K • R9 greater than 50 • 6,000-hour lumen maintenance greater than or equal to 86.7% • Rated life greater than or equal to 15,000 hours • 10% dimming • Flicker less than 30% for 200 Hz or below at 100% and 20% levels • Noise less than 24dB at 100% and 20% •  Marking (either JA8-2019 or JA8-2019-E) on lamp.

Bright on Presidio has tested, with a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, the products displayed on this page and confirms they are California Title 24 JA8 compliant when powered by  the compatible and compliant LED driver supplied by Bright on Presidio.

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