Ozone Tennessee SC

sizes h: small 19" (48.2 cm), large 38" (96.2 cm)
w: 2.83" (7.2 cm)
d: 6.94"’’(17.6 cm)
weight: small 6.6 lbs (3 kg), large 13.2 lbs (6.6 kg)

white diffusion material
bronze anodized aluminum


aluminum and brass
polycarbonate and paper diffuser


diffused warm light


small: 8w led, 2200°k warm white, 370 lumens, CRI>95
large: 18w led, 2200°k warm white 830 lumens, CRI>95


a low voltage power supply is required:
one remote 24v dc converter (meanwell PLC-30-24) that connects to U.S. 110-120v line voltage
one remote dimming module (eldoled linear drive 211D) for optimal 0-10v dimming




led light source: 54 lumens/watt
compliant with California Title 24 JA8 high efficacy standards

back plate

the back plate is 2.76" wide and does not cover a standard u.s. junction box.
a mud kit plate is available to attach to all types of u.s. junction boxes.

✔ California Title 24 JA8 compliant

  • CE
  • C UL Listed
  • California Title 24 JA8 High Energy Efficacy Standards
lead time 14 weeks

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Ozone Tennessee SC is a wall light designed by Belgian architect Glenn Sestig for Ozone.

The soft, round paper diffuser contrasts beautifully with the rigorous construction of the structures. It integrates a warm and efficient light studied by Ozone.

This wall light can, for example, illuminate perfectly and elegantly dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, offices, staircases, vanities, powder rooms, and dressing rooms.

The Tennessee SC wall light comes in two heights: 19″ and 38″. The metal finish is brushed bronze anodized aluminum.

The sleek and flawless Ozone Tennessee SC sconce  is an aluminum and brass construction with a poly carbonate paper diffuser.  The simplicity of design is refined and composed yet gracefully inspired.

The powerful, dimmable, and energy efficient LED light as a CRI of 95+. The warm light diffuses evenly through the seamless shade.

The Ozone Tennessee wall light is UL Listed and compatible with California Title 24 JA8 installations.

Ozone is a leader of innovation using minimal designs, cutting edge materials, and the latest LED technology. All of Ozone’s lights are manufactured by hand in their workshop, which is located in the center of Paris.

Subtle elegance meets grand presentation and mastery of finishes with Ozone’s designs and expertise.

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Designer: Glenn Sestig

Made in France.

Designed by Glenn Sestig.

Installation instructions available.

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