Occhio Sento soffitto singolo

sizes h: various lengths from ceiling plate to end of luminaires available: 11-7/8’’ (30 cm), 15-3/4’’ (40 cm), 23-5/8’’ (60 cm), 31-1/2’’ (80 cm), 39-3/8” (100 cm), 49-1/4’’ (125 cm)
dia: ∅ 4-7/8’’ / 12.5 cm

head: shiny chrome, matt chrome, matt back, glossy white, matt white, soft matt gold, gold rose, bronze, phantom, black phantom
back plate and body: shiny chrome, matt chrome, matt black, or matt white




up light, down light that can be controled together or separately
optical lenses and filters allow to slect beam spread angle and to diffuse the light
color glass filters available


2 x 13w led
2700° and 3000° kelvin available
up to 1500 lumens


a remote low voltage power supply is required.
contact us for more information.


0-10v, dali, or trailing edge phase cut depending on driver
also dimmable with Occhio air module (Bluetooth technology)


up to 57 lumens/watt
complies with California Title 24 JA8 high energy efficacy standards

back plate

adapter ring for U.S. junction box ∅ 4.13" (10.5 cm)

✔ California Title 24 JA8 compliant

  • CE
  • IP20
  • California Title 24 JA8 High Energy Efficacy Standards
lead time 8 weeks

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Occhio Sento soffitto singolo is a pendant light. It casts a powerful and energy efficient up and down light. The arm can tilt and rotate to spreads the light according to the needs.

It is ideal for kitchen islands, dining tables, hallways, dressing rooms ambient and task light.

Using LED technology and modular design, Occhio has created the Sento lighting system.

The Occhio Sento soffitto singoloceiling light designed with two pivoting arms with 360 degree rotating LED allowing for both uplighting and downlighting functionality.

The luminaire headwith single- or double-sided light emission, changeable inserts for individual lighting effects and a choice of LED color temperatures offer two in one— independent control of uplight and downlight with double-sided light emission.

The powerful and energy efficient LED light source has a CRI of 97. It is dimmable by Occhio’s innovative touches hand dimming with infrared sensors,  by Occhio air bluetooth technology , or by standard wall switch dimming (phase dimming or 0-10V).

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Bright on Presidio is the Occhio Partner for North America. We distribute Occhio Lighting fixtures in the U.S. and Canada. We are experts in the installations of Occhio lighting fixtures North America and in their compatibility with U.S. control systems.

Designed by Axel Meise.

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