• Eric Jähnke and Etienne Gounot

    Eric Jahnke and Etienne Gounot

    Ozone is above all the meeting of two great minds and designers. Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke were barely...

  • noedlawarance

    Noé Duchafour-Lawrance

    Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is a designer working across a wide range of disciplines and materials to create a consistent body...

  • Henri Bursztyn

    Henri Bursztyn

    Henri Bursztyn’s creations are genuine instruments of emotion. The cutting-edge technologies employed by the designer, which he develops with...

  • Axel_Meise

    Axel Meise

    Success is frequently the result of consistent reflection on established answers.  That is how it was with Axel Meise....

  • carlo moretti

    Carlo Morettti

    Carlo Moretti’s love of art, architecture, classical music and observation of everyday facts, as well as the confrontation with...

  • Hans Harald Rath

    Hans Harald Rath

    Famous for his striking interpretations in the design of crystal chandeliers, Hans Harald Rath assumed control of Austrian brand...


    Michel Boyer

    Privileging the use of glass, steel and precious woods, Michel Boyer combined functionality, warmth and esthetics. The seventies will...

  • Petrobelli

    Paola Petrobelli

    Paolo Petrobelli works with simple and sensuous shapes, combining a sophisticated understanding of color to reveal a new approach...

  • Joseph Dirand

    Joseph Dirand

    Dirand is renowned for his drive toward a new vision of minimalism that reinterprets history, hints at the future,...

  • Herve-Isle-of-Beauchaine

    Hervé Isle of Beauchaine

    An exceptional designer who constructs objects that complement distinctive spaces, revealing and animating the most befitting atmosphere. Hervé Isle...

  • Tomoko Mizu

    Tomoko Mizu

    A majority of her work is often called “minimal design” but Tomoko Mizu feels it more appropriate to call...

  • Regis Botta

    Regis Botta

    Adept in purity and evidence, Botta geometrizes spaces and considers light as a mass to be sculpted. Régis Botta...

  • Jason Boatswain

    Jason Boatswain

    Creating innovative and traditional masterpieces in porcelain lighting, Boatswain pushes boundaries into the extraordinary. Jason studied ceramics at Central...

  • Jacopo-Foggini

    Jacopo Foggini

    Foggini creates luminous shapes and monumental artworks: labyrinths of colored light, blurring the boundaries between art and design. While...

  • Pia-in-Galss-Studio

    Pia Wüstenberg

    Pia’s motivation is to enrich life through beauty. Her philosophy is to combine traditional materials in innovative ways that...