• Christian Liaigre

    Christian Liaigre

    Christian Liaigre is a decorator and interior designer. After studying at the Beaux-Arts and at the National School of...

  • Eric-Schmitt

    Eric Schmitt

    “My work is the consequence of the sculptor that I am almost, the architect that I would have liked...

  • Nicolas-Aubagnac

    Nicolas Aubagnac

    Graduated in 1993 from Ensaama in Interior Design, Nicolas Aubagnac has always had a taste for independance. This led...

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    Pierre Paulin

    Born in 1927 in Paris, Pierre Paulin began as a ceramicist and stone carver in the 1950s before becoming...

  • Jean-Michel-Wilmotte

    Jean-Michel Wilmotte

    Architect, urban planner and designer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte created his agency in 1975. All subjects interest him, from the door...

  • Glenn-Sestig

    Glenn Sestig

    Glenn Sestig was born in 1968 in Ghent, Belgium. He graduated from the Henri Van De Velde institute in...

  • noedlawarance

    Noé Duchafour-Lawrance

    Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is a designer working across a wide range of disciplines and materials to create a consistent body...

  • Petrobelli

    Paola Petrobelli

    Paolo Petrobelli works with simple and sensuous shapes, combining a sophisticated understanding of color to reveal a new approach...

  • Hans Harald Rath

    Hans Harald Rath

    Famous for his striking interpretations in the design of crystal chandeliers, Hans Harald Rath assumed control of Austrian brand...

  • Regis Botta

    Regis Botta

    Adept in purity and evidence, Botta geometrizes spaces and considers light as a mass to be sculpted. Régis Botta...


    Michel Boyer

    Privileging the use of glass, steel and precious woods, Michel Boyer combined functionality, warmth and esthetics. The seventies will...

  • Joseph Dirand

    Joseph Dirand

    Dirand is renowned for his drive toward a new vision of minimalism that reinterprets history, hints at the future,...

  • Jason Boatswain

    Jason Boatswain

    Creating innovative and traditional masterpieces in porcelain lighting, Boatswain pushes boundaries into the extraordinary. Jason studied ceramics at Central...

  • Jacopo-Foggini

    Jacopo Foggini

    Foggini creates luminous shapes and monumental artworks: labyrinths of colored light, blurring the boundaries between art and design. While...

  • Herve-Isle-of-Beauchaine

    Hervé Isle of Beauchaine

    An exceptional designer who constructs objects that complement distinctive spaces, revealing and animating the most befitting atmosphere. Hervé Isle...

  • Henri Bursztyn

    Henri Bursztyn

    Henri Bursztyn’s creations are genuine instruments of emotion. The cutting-edge technologies employed by the designer, which he develops with...

  • Eric Jähnke and Etienne Gounot

    Eric Jahnke and Etienne Gounot

    Ozone is above all the meeting of two great minds and designers. Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke were barely...

  • Axel_Meise

    Axel Meise

    Success is frequently the result of consistent reflection on established answers.  That is how it was with Axel Meise....