Ozone Tennessee S2

sizes h: small 19" (48.2 cm), large 38" (96.2 cm)
w: 13.54" (34.4 cm)
d: 2.83" (7.2 cm)
weight: small 15.4 lbs (7 kg), large 26.4 lbs (12 kg)

white diffusion material
bronze anodized aluminum


aluminum and brass
polycarbonate and paper diffuser


diffused warm light


small: 16w led, 2200°k warm white, 730 lumens, CRI>95
large: 36w led, 2200°k warm white, 1600 lumens, CRI>95


a low voltage power supply is required:
one remote 24v dc converter (meanwell PLC-30-24 for small, and meanwell PLC-100-24 for large) that connects to U.S. 110-120v line voltage
one remote dimming module (eldoled linear drive 211D) for optimal 0-10v dimming




75 lumens per watt

back plate

the ceiling plate dimensions are 2.76" (7cm) x 7.09" (18 cm)

✔ California Title 24 JA8 compliant

  • CE
  • California Title 24 JA8 High Energy Efficacy Standards
lead time 14 weeks

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Ozone Tennessee S2 is a suspension light designed by Glenn Sestig for Ozone.

The soft, round paper diffuser contrasts beautifully with the rigorous construction of the structures. It integrates a warm and efficient light studied by Ozone.

This suspension illuminates perfectly dining tables, staircases, foyers, vanities, and bedside tables.

The suspension comes in two heights: 19″ and 38″ + the hanging rod. The metal finish is  a brushed bronze anodized aluminum.

The sleek and flawless Tennessee suspension light is an aluminum and brass construction with a poly carbonate diffuser.  The simplicity of design is refined and composed yet gracefully inspired.

The powerful and dimmable LED light as a CRI of 95+.

Ozone is a leader of innovation using minimal designs, cutting edge materials and the latest LED technology.

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Made in France.

Designed by Glenn Sestig.

Installation instructions available.

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