Occhio Più Alto 3d

sizes h: 5-1/4" (13.6cm)
dia: 4-3/4" (12cm)
weight: 2.2lbs (1kg)

head: shiny chrome, matt chrome, matt back, glossy white, matt white, soft matt gold, gold rose, bronze, phantom
back plate and body: shiny chrome, matt chrome, matt black, or matt white




down light or wall washing
lenses available to adjust beam spread between 30 to 100 degrees.


13w, 18w or 26w led, available in 2700°, 3000° and 3500° kelvins, CRI=97, max 2200 lumens


this fixture requires an external low voltage constant current driver
contact us for details


trailing edge phase cut, 0-10v or dali, depending on driver
occhio air module bluetooth technology


up to 69 lumens/watt
compliant with California Title 24 JA8 energy efficacy standards

back plate

an adaptor ring is available to attach to u.s. junction boxes

✔ California Title 24 JA8 compliant

  • Intertek ETL
  • CE
  • IP20
  • California Title 24 JA8 High Energy Efficacy Standards
lead time 8-10 weeks

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Discover the Occhio Più alto 3d ceiling light, a LED spotlight that is rotatable and tiltable, offers a maximum of 26 watt »perfect color« LED for the best possible color rendering (selectable output 13/18/26 watts), can be dimmed with the help of a trailing-edge phase cut dimmer

Experience the new generation of down lighting.  Puristic — clean lines represent the unifying element of all Più plus models.

Occhio Più Alto 3d is ceiling mount light with 360 degree rotation and 90 degree tilting angle.  The floating lens in the middle gives the spotlight its unmistakable character and the lenses may be adjusted for a beam spread from 30 to 100 degrees.

Bright on Presidio is the Occhio Partner for North America. We are experts  in the installations of Occhio lighting fixtures in the U.S. and Canada and in their compatibility with U.S. control systems.

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Designed by Axel Meise.

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