Occhio produces one of the industry’s most advanced LED illumination systems and use of optical light.  Bright on Presidio is the distributor in the USA and Canada.

Founder Axel Meise works closely with technical partner Christopher Kugler to create lights distinguished by forward-thinking design, energy efficiency and control technology.

With Occhio, light becomes a sculptural element providing a powerful and flexible approach to lighting.

The use of 97 CRI LED and optical lenses create powerful, glare-free exceptional light.

Occhio’s trademark modular concepts unify the most discerning spaces with considered lighting effects.

Projects include private residences, commercial spaces, offices, restaurants, yachts and hotels.

Bright on Presidio is the Occhio Partner for North America since 2014. We have an expert knowledge of each lighting collections,  their installation in the U.S and Canada, and their compatibility with U.S. control and dimming systems.

Designed in Germany.

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