Ozone-Untitled collection

Ozone Untitled is a collection of wall, ceiling and table lights designed by Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke.

From the taut architectural line of the sconce to the labyrinthine chandelier and to the balancing act of the desk lamp, the Untitled collection explores the ways of the square section. It casts light just where it’s needed, on the wall, the work surface, or the dining table. The precision and quality of its metallic finishes embellish their environment with precision.

Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke met as industrial engineers to follow a shared passion for lighting design. Today, their Paris-based studio and showroom develops products that meld the French decorative arts tradition with high design and superior technology.

The mirror nickel, bronze, or gunmetal finishes are flawless with a jewel-like standard to each product of the Ozone Untitled collection.  The LED illumination creates a warm, diffused light which is guiding principle to each design.

Ozone is a leader of innovation using minimal designs, cutting edge materials and the latest LED technology.

Subtle elegance meets grand presentation and mastery of finish in Ozone lights.

Made in France.

Eric Jahnke and Etienne Gounot

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