Eric Schmitt

“My work is the consequence of the sculptor that I am almost, the architect that I would have liked to be and the designer that I am not quite. This is how Éric Schmitt likes to present himself. “A piece of furniture needs to emanate from silence to be loved for a long time,” he also says who has the courage of simple forms. With astonishing dexterity, he manages to reconcile two worlds whose defenders differ not only in their tastes, but also in their philosophy: those who defend a know-how stemming from tradition and those for whom design must imperatively be forward-looking. Fusing the best of the past with a future that is free of fashion effects, Eric Schmitt has managed to impose a present with peaceful shapes, melted, cut or blown in solid and soft materials such as bronze, alabaster, marble and Bohemian glass, which inevitably attract the caress. In his workshop, his creations are sketched, then shaped and entrusted to the best craftsmen, before returning for the finishing touches. From the collaboration of Delisle and Eric Schmitt is born a collection of lights and tables designed in the tradition of French decorative arts.

DELISLE Paris Beffroi