Paola Petrobelli

Paola Petrobelli. Sensuous, simple shapes in brightly colored glass bring sophistication and artistry to modern lighting.

Italian-born Paola Petrobelli trained as a molecular biologist. Following a passion for glass design, she has collaborative relationships with Murano glass makers to create her distinctive pieces that are as much an object of art as a vehicle for light.

Eschewing the purely decorative, Petrobelli favours the functional in her work, believing that restraint in approach allows for a pure and sophisticated expression. As she has said of her work, “Glass is a beautiful material that lends itself to organic shapes and lots of colour. I try to restrain myself so the shape can be more interesting, more disciplined.”

Now based in London, Petrobelli works solely by commission, exhibiting limited edition lighting pieces in discerning galleries around the world.

Her creations are collector’s items, studies in the transparent, merging colors and geometry.

Made in Italy.

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Paola Petrobelli

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