Paola Petrobelli “24” series

sizes h: 28" (72cm)
dia: 18-1/2" (47cm)

one unit of the limited edition is available:
one unit: orange (main color), pink, yellow and grey


molded murano glass
stainless steel


bright and diffused colored light


one E27 led bulb


110-240V line voltage
table lamp plugs into a u.s. plug

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The 24-inch series is modern, sophisticated with a dash of the whimsical.  Each table lamp is made from molded hand blown Murano glass with an enameled steel interior frame, cap and rod.

Sensuous, simple shapes in brightly colored glass bring sophistication and artistry to modern lighting.

The 24-inch series is a limited edition making it a timeless, beautiful collector’s edition.

Available in three distinct and different color combinations.


Made in Italy.

Designed by Paola Petrobelli.

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