Occhio Mito sospeso flat

sizes h: 137" maximum suspension height (fixed at installation)
dia: Mito 40: 15-3/4", Mito 60: 23-1/2"
weight: mito 40: 8 lbs, Mito 60: 12 lbs

matt white, matt black, matt silver, soft gold, rose gold, bronze, or phantom


aluminum, steel, plastic, optical silicone


up and down light
possibility to select a narrow of a wide down light beam


40w or 60w LED, 2700°k or 4000°K, CRI 95
2200 or 3300 lumens


this fixture requires an remote low voltage constant current driver
contact us for more information on the driver


0-10v, phase cut or dali/Lutron ecosystem, depending on driver
contact us for more information on compatible drivers, dimming and control systems


55 lumens per watt

back plate

this fixture attaches to the ceiling without a junction box. it is not compatible with a junction box installation.

  • CE
lead time 12 weeks

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Occhio Mito sospeso flat is a ring-shaped suspension luminaire hanging by three wires directly from the ceiling and without canopy. It casts up and down light.

It is ideal for dining tables, work tables, kitchen islands, hallways, foyers, dressing rooms. It can be installed on sloped ceilings.

Spherical, mythical, aesthetic – elaborately crafted like a jewel. Mito is the perfect symbiosis of design, innovation and light of the highest quality.

Available in two diameters of 16 inches and 24 inches, the Mito sospeso flat is an elegant ceiling suspended light with glare-free uplight and downlight functionality.  Light may be emitted from one or both sides to create a variety of light scenarios.  The suspension height is fixed during installation.

The powerful and energy efficient LED light source has a CRI of 95. It is dimmable by Occhio’s innovative touchless hand motion with infrared sensors,  by Occhio air bluetooth technology . The color temperature of the light is adjustable continuously between 2700K and 4000K.

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Bright on Presidio is the Occhio Partner for North America since 2014. We have an expert knowledge of Occhio Lighting products,  their installation in the U.S and Canada, and their compatibility with U.S. control and dimming systems.

Designed by Axel Meise

Designed by Axel Meise.

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