Occhio Gioia Equilibrio

sizes h: max 38’’ (96 cm)
dia: base: ∅ 12’’ (30 cm), luminaire: ∅ 12’’ (30 cm)
weight: 23 lbs (10.5 kg)

head: matt chrome, matt back, matt white, soft matt gold, gold rose, bronze, phantom, or black phantom
base and body: matt black, or matt white


optical plastic


up and or down light
diffused uplight, diffused or focused down light


24W LED, 1830 lumens
adjustable color temperature between 2700K and 4000K.
CRI ra=95
color consistency: 2-step


power supply plug unit with integrated converter
connects to 110-120V or 240V AC line voltage


with integrated touchless sensor in head
or via occhio air Bluetooth module


80 lumens /watt

  • CE
  • IP20
lead time 8-10 weeks

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Occhio Gioia Equilibrio table lamp is the perfect luminaire for large tables and desks providing powerful and efficient task light as well as ambient diffused light.

Gioia Equilibrio is a ring-shapped LED table lamp with light emission on both sides and a luminaire head diameter of 12 inches. The lighting effect wide provides wide beam symmetrical upwards and downwards for uniform indirect illumination and directional asymmetrical light downwards for prefect illumination on the table. A focus light allows further focusing of the downlight for a directed light with high intensity on reduced area.

The Occhio Gioia Equilibrio table lamp head is freely rotatable (360°) without stop and can be removed for maintenance. The Gioia Equiloibrio two-part body is height- adjustable  and can be rotated freely through 360° without a stop. Connection via plug-in power supply (110V-230V AC). Control via “touchless control” on the head of via Occhio air bluetooth technology. The light color temperature is adjustable from 2700 to 4000K.

Finishes are prefect. Screws and electric wires are invisible.

Launched in the fall of 2022, this luminaire is a new concept, highlighting Occhio’s expertise in creating innovative lights with such flexibility, functions and ease of use.

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Designed by Axel Meise.

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