Henri Bursztyn O Pendant

sizes h: _O2 1.57" (4cm), _O2.5 2" (5 cm), _O3 2" (5cm), _O4 2.36" (6cm), suspension height to be defined
dia: _O2 21-1/2" (55cm), _O2.5 35-1/2" (90cm), _O3 46" (117cm), _O4 59" (150cm)

light oak inside and outside
light oak inside and white, black, or gold lacquer outside
painted steel


oak wood


up and down light
possibility to balance light between up light and down light


_O2 36 watt LED . 2700K or 3000K . 1800 lumens
_O2.5 60 watt LED . 2700K or 3000K . 2400 lumens
_O3 80 watt LED . 2700K or 3000K . 3600 lumens
_O4 120 watt LED. 2700K or 3000K . 4800 lumens


integrated or remote meanwell converter 120 volts to 24 volts


radio frequency remote control dimmer, or 0-10v, or forward phase cut, depending on driver
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40 lumens/watt

  • CE
lead time 10 to 12 weeks

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Henri Bursztyn O Pendant luminaires stand out for the elegant lightness of their design.

The subtle designs and soft illumination creates poetry in lighting.

The Henri Bursztyn O Pendant ceiling suspension is a circular sculpture with both uplight and downlight illumination.   The O Pendant is composed of light oak wood and painted steel and available in four different sizes.

Each piece is composed of the highest quality materials chosen for its authenticity and evocative power of design.

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Designed by Henri Bursztyn

Made in France.

Designed by Henri Bursztyn.

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