St-Louis Cadence Small Table Lamp Paper Shade


sizes h: 16.5 inches
dia: 4.9 inches
weight: 3.3 lbs

clear crystal
Paper lampshade




1 x E12 light bulb, max 50W


connects to 120V outlet

  • CE
lead time 12 weeks

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Estimated ship date: 04/25/2024 - 05/02/2024

St-Louis Cadence Small Table Lamp Paper Shade is designed by Pierre Charpin. 

The St-Louis manufacture inspired Pierre Charpin to create crystal and paper versions of the crystal lampshades. 

There is thus a wide breadth of options in this lighting range, for clients to choose their material, brightness and size.

The paper used for the lampshades of the table lamps and suspensions required special research. Produced in eastern France, a region known for its history of stationery and printing, the paper’s specific composition allows the horizontal lines created from hot stamping to appear translucent when the light is on.

Just like the crystal lampshades, the paper ones are also made by hand. 

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Made in France.

Designed by Pierre Charpin.

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