KOS Trio S on track

sizes h: supension between 16" and 59"
w: track length: 59" or 77.75"
dia: 5.5" each pendant

glass: opaline
metal: matt silver, matt black, matt white, or matt gold
cord: stainless steel, black textile, orange textile, petrol blue textile


glass, aluminum


general ambient light + directional down light


3 x 12w LED, 1150 lumens, 2200-4200 K adjustable, CRI>90


remote 24V DC converter as a class 2 low voltage installation
120V with converter integrated in the track


dimmable by touchless hand motion (infrared sensor)


95 lumens / watt

  • CE
lead time 10 weeks

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KOS Trio S on track are three glass pendants on a track

With the KOS track, you can position any number or sequence of suspension lights in a row as you wish. All the lamps can all be adjusted to any point along the track, even while in use. All you have to do is gently pull the suspension cord. The low voltage converter is either already integrated in the track or located remotely. Because the track is open at the top, it can be connected to the electricity supply at any point.

With its fine textile cord, the glass orb appears to float in space. The pendants come in two sizes (S and L), each equipped with KOMOT‘s height adjustment technology and smart gesture control. Ideal for small spaces and for highlighting areas and objects.. The color of the LED light can also be adjusted between 2200K and 4200K allowing to create the perfect light and mood.



Made in Germany.

Designed by Konrad Weinhuber.

Installation instructions available.

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