DELISLE Paris Parhelia 13964

sizes h: 50"
dia: 24.41"
weight: 77 lbs

bronze medal, frosted and clear glass
please contact us for custom finishes


steel and glass


diffused ambient light


120V AC


TRIAC / forward phase

  • CE

UL Listing available upon request at extra cost.

lead time 20 weeks

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Delisle Paris Parhelia 13964 is the main chandelier of the new collection designed by French architecture firm Holocene.

It is under the Californian sun that the idea of Holocene and Delisle working together was born.
Working on a villa project with exceptional volumes, Holocène and its designer Aude Gros- Rosanvallon created an array of unique and exclusive furnishings including, of course, light fixtures.

“Showcasing – and illuminating – such volumes was a challenge we loved taking on. We wanted to create pieces that could fill the space while still giving an ethereal feel.

To create them as we had imagined, we absolutely needed to find a manufacturer with exceptional craftsmanship, that would be capable of forging grand and delicate frames. It was clear to us that Delisle was the perfect choice” remembers Aude Gros-Rosanvallon.

The Parhelia collection was born from these first pieces, in 2022.
Behind that name, an optical atmospheric phenomenon: when the sun is low on the horizon and its rays go through the ice crystals in the clouds, bright replicas can appear on one or both sides of the sun, sometimes surrounded by halos. With their almost invisible delicate frames and a variety of materials destined to transmit and filter the light, like alabaster or glass rods, the pieces in the Parhelia collection recreate those grand halos, the geometry of which can vary with different integrated lighting scenarios. Delisle’s craftsmanship is such that all these pieces can be personalized, whether in size or finish, to fill and illuminate any interior – or exterior.


Made in France.

Designed by Aude Gros-Rosanvallon.

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