Ozone Paulin M101 collection

Ozone Paulin M101 is a chandelier collection designed by Pierre Paulin and manufactured by Ozone.

In 2018, Ozone launched the range of M101 chandeliers designed by Pierre Paulin. This chandelier takes it name from the foyer next to the studio 101, of the Maison de la radio in Paris, which was inaugurated in 1964.

The M101 Chandelier by Ozone has since been chosen by many interior designers and architects to embellish their projects. The structures of the chandelier are in steel and aluminium. The finish is white lacquered.

Born in 1927 in Paris, Pierre Paulin began in the 1950s with numerous works for Publishers. In 1972 he brings modernity to the Elysée with the President Pompidou, then creates all the furniture of the office of F. Mitterrand and renovates the dining room for J. Chirac. At the same time, he worked on industrial projects (Calor, Allibert, Stamp), corporate images (Air France) and set up train stations (Gare de Lyon, Gare de Versailles Rive Gauche). His furniture is present in many museums around the world.

Made in France.


Pierre Paulin

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