Ozone Regard collection

Ozone Regard is Glenn Sestig’s latest collection for Ozone.

Regard S with its two circular spots flies over the room with a discreet and intriguing look. Its luminous accents project the contrasts that are essential to any successful lighting scheme. Regard C is the diffusing version with warm light for more softness. Its luminous veil replaces the two eyes present in the collection.

Cut from aluminum, the two ceiling lights are available in brushed bronze or satin white finish. The high degree of finishing and the quality of the light are put in the foreground.

The finishes are flawless with a jewel-like standard to each product.  The LED illumination creates a warm, diffused light which is guiding principle to each design.

Ozone is a leader of innovation using minimal designs, cutting edge materials and the latest LED technology.

Made in France.

A wide selection of the lighting collection is on display at Bright on Presidio in San Francisco.

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