Occhio Mito Largo Edizione Lusso

sizes h: three height settings: max 94.48", medium 88.58"", low 82.67""
d: three depth options: min 100", medium 104.53", max 109.45"
dia: light: 24", base 24"
weight: 87 lbs

base: marble available in black (nero marquina), brown (marrone emperador), green (verde guatemala)
stem: ascot leather avaialble in black (nero), brown (marrone), green (grigio)
head: black phantom, phantom and rose gold


aluminum, leather, anodised or PVC-coated steel, plastic, optical silicone, carbon stem, marble base, paint


up light and down light with narrow beam or wide beam
possibility of adjusting the balance of up light and down light
possibility of choosing the light temperature between 2700° and 4000° kelvin
height of head adjusts with the boom height: max 62.99", medium 57.09", low 51.18"


60w led, adjustable 2700°-4000° kelvin, CRI 95
3300 lumens


this lamp plugs into an 120V outlet


simple touchess hand motion and Occhio air Bluetooth technology
contact us for details


55 lumens/watt

  • CE
lead time 10-12 weeks

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The new exclusive edition of the successful Mito series comes with curated materials such as finest ascot leather, precious marble and selected surfaces.

Spherical, mythical, aesthetic – elaborately crafted like a jewel, Mito is the perfect symbiosis of design, innovation and light of the highest quality.

The Occhio Mito Largo Lusso is an elegant floor lamp with glare-free uplight and downlight functionality. Light may be emitted from one or both sides to create a variety of light scenarios.

Mito Largo Lusso is available in three style worlds:

  • vivo–combines green Guatemala marble, exquisite grey leather and the mystically iridescent surface phantom or rose gold.
  • caldo–the elegant harmony of brown Emperad or marble, finest brown leather and phantom or rose gold surface for the head.
  • scuro–the striking interplay of black Marquina marble, non-slip black leather and the new expressive surface black phantom or rose gold.

The Occhio air system allows the lights to be controlled via Bluetooth technology.


Designed by Axel Meise.

Installation instructions available.

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