Mito alto side

sizes h: 2"
w: Mito Alto Side 40: 14-3/2", Mito Alto Side 70: 27-3/4", Mito Alto Side 100: 40-3/4"
d: 1-1/4"
weight: Mito Alto Side 40: 2 lbs, Mito Alto Side 70: 3.5 lbs, Mito Alto Side 100: 4.4 lbs

matt silver, matt gold, matt white, matt black
metal finishes: rose gold, bronze, phantom


aluminum, painted, anodised or PVC-coated steel, plastic, optical silicone


wall washing light with narrow beam or wide beam
possibility of choosing the light temperature between 2700°, 3000° and 4000° kelvin


15w, 30w, or 45w 60w led, with a choice of color temperature ranging from 2700° to 4000° kelvin, CRI 95
800, 1600, or 2400 Lumens


this fixture requires an external low voltage converter or led driver
contact us for details


phase cut, 0-10V, dali, Lutron eco-system, or Occhio air Bluetooth technology, depending on the driver
contact us for information


53 lumens/watt

  • CE
lead time 10-12 weeks

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Mito alto side is a linear wall washer .

Linear, aesthetic – elaborately crafted like a jewel. Mito is the perfect symbiosis of design, innovation and light of the highest quality.

The Mito alto side is an elegant flushmount wall washing ceiling light with glare-free downlight functionality.

See also Mito alto surface. mounted down light


Designed by Axel Meise.

Installation instructions available.

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