Occhio Luna sogno

sizes h: 13.65" (37.7 cm)
dia: globe 6.3", base 7.09"
weight: 6 lb (2.7 kg)

body/base/head: high gloss black chrome or phantom
cord: black
power supply: matt black


aluminum, glass, PVD coated, plastic, optical glass


indirect glare free light, ambient glow


9w led, CRI Ra 95
adjustable color temperature between 2700k and 4000k
200 lumens


this lamp comes with an adapter/transformer plug that plugs into a standard US 110-120V outlet


touchless hand motion control and
occhio air bluetooth technology


up to 22 lumens/watt luminous flux

back plate

Connects to North American 110-120V outlet

  • CE
  • IP20
lead time 8-10 weeks

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Occhio Luna sogno is a glass table light.

The revolutionary light source Occhio fireball floats magically in the glass sphere. It creates soft but focused light – which is simultaneously powerful and glare-free.

Luna sogno combines classic with modern – metal seems to pour over the glass. Metal becomes glass. Glass becomes metal.

Occhio Luna song is ideal for desks, tables, side-tables ambient and task light.

Using LED technology and modular design, Occhio has created the Luna lighting system.

The powerful and energy efficient LED light source has a CRI of 95. It connects directly into a 110-120V North American outlet, is dimmable and color temperature adjustable.

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Bright on Presidio is the Occhio Partner for North America. We distribute Occhio Lighting fixtures in the U.S. and Canada. We are experts in the installations of Occhio lighting fixtures North America and in their compatibility with U.S. control systems.





Designed by Axel Meise.

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