DELISLE Paris Versailles Torchière 13821

sizes h: 31.5
w: 4.33
d: 5.91

clear or sand blasted glass
copper metal, curved glass and white alabaster




1 x E26 bulb




yes, depending on bulb

  • CE

UL Listing available upon request at extra cost.

lead time 14 weeks

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The DELISLE Paris Versailles Torchière 13821 is a modern wall light, that is part of the Versailles Collection.
First a meeting between Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Delisle, it is this encounter, that brought the reinterpretation of the classic and historical lantern.

Made of anthracite steel and extra white sandblasted curved glass, the DELISLE Versailles Lantern is an indoor and outdoor wall light.

The lighting is in a sandblasted Pyrex tube, which makes the wall sconce elegant and pure. The DELISLE Versailles Torchière 13821 includes one light, and measures 31.5 inches height, and 4.33 inches diameter.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte, a world-renowned designer, managed to provide a new breath to a historical lighting.

Available in copper metal finish, curved glass and white alabaster, the DELISLE Paris Versailles Torchière 13821 brings warmth and softness to the interiors and exteriors, equally in hotels, restaurants and private homes.

The DELISLE Versailles collection contributes to the creation of exceptional custom-made lighting fixtures and editions of contemporary designer’s collections. As a bronze and iron smith since 1895, Delisle perpetuates the French ‘savoir-faire’ by reinventing it thanks to its historical archives – 4000 old models and 12000 drawings.

Designed in France by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, for DELISLE.

Made in France.

Designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

Installation instructions available.

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