Boatswain Lighting Drum

sizes h: 8 ¾’’ (22 cm)
w: 5 ¾’’
d: 4 ½’’

000198 plain
000199 leaf textured
000200 torn and textured
999999 crushed silk or oil & water


bisque porcelain tiles
powdered coated steel
brass socket


warm diffused light


1 x E26 bulb (10W LED or 43W halogen)


connects to 120v u.s. line voltage


depends on bulb

  • CE
lead time 10-12 weeks

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The Boatswain Lighting Drum single wall light is composed of handmade, translucent bisque porcelain tiles in a vertical symmetry.  The brass socket and enameled metal frame is refined and perfectly balanced creating a soft and warm upward and downward illumination.

The unique light is available in a variety of different porcelain techniques including plain, leaf textured, torn and textured, crushed silk or oil and water.

Both timeless and inventive, Boatswain’s designs offer a lighting element that is both ethereal and striking.

Made in the UK.

Designed by Jason Boatswain.

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