Baltensweiler ZETT USB



sizes h: 12" (31cm)
w: 2-1/2" (6.5cm)
d: 3-3/4" (10cm)

aluminum, black, mandarin, aubergine, lapis, turquoise, lemon


aluminum base and head, black carbon fiber stem


4w led, 2700° kelvin warm white, 280 lumens, 80 CRI


110-240v input, 50-60Hz
may be plugged into a US outlet with a two-prong USB charger
may also be plugged into a computer USB plug
USB charger included


70 lumens/watt

  • CE
lead time In stock / 3-7 days

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Baltensweiler ZETT USB.

In 1951, Rosmarie and Rico Baltensweiler developed the floor lamp ‘Type 600’, a luminaire for their own use in their living workshop in Lucerne. This is how the family business started. The light has been produced in the following year in a small edition. It was a success. In 1959, Baltensweiler developed a new collection of lights for the Knoll International furniture store.

The Swiss family business, Baltensweiler, has now designed lamps for more than 60 years. Within the last few years, they found their success in the LED lighting. They developed LEDs that produces more light, use less electricity, and have a longer lifespan.

The Baltensweiler family created ZETT USB. It is a highly minimalistic lamp that has the function of being collapsible to take up as less space as possible. The ZETT lamp has several functions: it can be used as a table lamp,  student lamp, but as a wall light also. The lamp can be powered either via a plug or via a USB-port, on a laptop for example. The lifespan of the diodes is approximately 2,0000 hours.

The light is switched off by closing the reflector. It can also be dimmed in two stages by closing and opening the reflector.

The ultra-flat, rectangular lamp head is connected to the similarly rectangular, flat base via a thin carbon fiber rod, forming a silhouette of the the letter Z. However, the rod and head can be flexibly adjusted into several different positions. The base can also be placed on the table or hung on the wall to create a wall lamp.

The precision in both technology and design of the Baltensweiler ZETT USB creates a light that is innovative, adaptive and distinctive.

A sleek and colorful table light with a twist of technology.  The light can be plugged into a computer USB socket or into a 110V main outlet with a USB charger.  Baltensweiler’s innovative lighting products add a sleek counterpoint to the most refined compositions.

Colors include aluminum, black, mandarin, aubergine, gold, lapis, lemon, turquoise.

Zett USB received the Interior Innovation Award 2013. 

Made in Switzerland.

In stock

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