Azucena Ventola Table Light

sizes h: 11’’ (28cm)
dia: 9 ¾’’ (25 cm)

chrome plated brass base, polished copper reflector


up light
wall washing


1 x E27 Par 20 bulb ( max 100w)


plugs into a 110-120v u.s. outlet

  • CE

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The unique and slightly whimsical Azucena Ventola table light is designed with a chrome plated brass base and polished copper reflector.

Compact, subtle yet distinctive, the light creates a warm upward illumination that is ideal for an office or sitting room.

At Azucena an inherent creative principle favors materials, finishes and colors that shy away from the austere.

Made in Italy.

Designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni 1991.

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