Art et Floritude Galets Wall Light

sizes h: 27" (68 cm)
w: 16-1/2" (42 cm)
d: 3-1/4" (8 cm)
weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)

as shown: white powder coat
available in all RAL colors, patinas, or gold/silver leaf


stainless steel


warm led light (customizable)


requires remote 24V dc converter


dims with 0-10v or phase cut

  • CE
lead time 12 weeks

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Art et Floritude Galets Wall light is geometrical lit sculpture.-

Sculptured wall light combining a modern sensibility with an acquired knowledge of metal craftsmanship. Composed of steel plates finished with gold or silver leaf, epoxy, or patina.  A dramatic statement piece to any interior space.

Since 1850, the company has used a French tradition of fine metalwork creating custom possibilities in silver or gold leaf finishes and various sizes.

Made in France.

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