Azucena Cartoccio Wall Light

sizes h: 19 ¾’’ (50 cm)
w: 15 ¾’’ (40 cm)
d: 7’’ (18 cm)

electro-colored steel
chrome plated studs
black cord


up light


1 x E26 par 20 bulb (max 100w)


plugs into a 110-120v u.s. outlet

  • CE

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Electro-colored steel, chrome plated studs, the shape of the Azucena Cartoccio wall light is inspired by the paper cones Milanese street vendors sell hot chestnuts.  A combination of old and new, the piece makes a bold statement while providing superior light.

An inherent creative principle favors materials, finishes and colors that shy away from the austere.

Made in Italy.

Designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni 2003.

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