Azucena of Milan defines the notion of design unconstrained by the passage of time.

The story began in 1947 when Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Corrado Corradi Dell’Aqua and Ignazio Gardella joined together to reinvent home design into something extraordinary.

With a clear objective to design and produce simple, comfortable and elegant lighting and furnishings of the greatest enduring quality, Azucena’s collections are as relevant today as they were when first designed and placed in homes, restaurants, hotels, and public buildings throughout Italy.

The superiority of polished lacquering, the accuracy of galvanized metals and the introduction of electro-colored steel are all part of what makes Azucena’s design distinctive, inspired and enduringly modern.

For over seven decades the original vision of the founders continues to be honored through products that represent the inspired elegance of Milanese design.   Each light, each furnishing exemplifies the authenticity and creative genius behind Azucena.

Products include both inspired lighting and furniture.

Made in Italy.

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